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Public Speakers: Show Your Greatness, Get Booked

Early last year, after many years of taking stage in many different countries, delivering speeches in various languages, I realised a personal dream. I delivered a TedX speech. I’m a natural born networker and a connector. That day from the TedX stage I could see that through sharing what comes to me naturally, I inspired many others to connect with themselves to connect this world we live in, where even before the pandemic, we were operating in isolation, in our lonely cubicles.ç

I said I’m a natural and make no mistake, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t work hard. I practiced my speech many, many times. When the day came and I stood there on the stage it felt like I’d been there and seen it all before. Even the faces in the audience looked very familiar. I had lived it all before through visualisation because I wanted to nail it when it was my turn.

I am writing today as a coach and an international public speaker when I emphasize that without professional showreels, and a strong digital presence, I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today. We now live in a world where through technology we can deliver our image and the best of what we have to offer to all corners of the world, where our talents and energy are in demand.

Bros in Marketing, the digital marketing agency I started with my brother German, came about organically from working together to build my personal brand on digital channels.

Coaching and Public Speaking Excellence

As a public speaking coach dedicated to excellence in myself and bringing out the greatness in others, my job is to ensure that the public speakers I work with step fully into their power on stage.

Video and Imaging Expertise

German is the visual storyteller and the technician in the family who focuses on capturing all the right moments to showcase the greatness of your performance to others, including agents and event organisers, who will find and book you online.

He possesses great technical expertise and an eye for design and detail when it comes to capturing the energy of speakers in images and videos. Furthermore, as a visual storyteller, he can coach individuals on how best to capture themselves. He can work with you to edit your footage into an impactful show reel which showcases all those great moments you create and the emotional impact you make on stage.

Next Steps?

If you’re a public speaker who wants to go to the next level with your message, to reach a larger audience or get more cut-through so you stand out from the noise, then let’s grab a virtual coffee.

German and I can’t wait to meet you and show you what a professional showreel can do for your career.

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