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How to Grow a Thriving Clubhouse Community

Starting from scratch is always a very difficult thing to do. The blank slate before you, no matter if it’s a sheet of paper on which to write on, or a new country to adapt to or even a new social media platform where you don’t know the rules or the people, is scary. As an entrepreneur, it is my job to find and share new ideas and ways of doing things. I go to the bleeding edge of technology, figure it and make it easy for others to find their way around it so it becomes a useful tool.

When I heard about a new social media platform called Clubhouse, where people interact by speaking in chatrooms around specific themes and topics, I was intrigued and could immediately see the benefits for other business owners and for myself as a confidence and a public speaking coach. In my view, Clubhouse which has come out at the time of the global pandemic has given us a more honest, immediate and intimate way to connect and to build our personal brands than any other social media platform. Like other social media, it’s an amazing place for sharing expertise and experience, if used the right way.

When it comes to building a successful community, the key to me appears to be collaboration. I teamed up with public speaking coach Elliot Kay to start and run our successful club called The Elliott and Jose Show which is on Monday through Friday noontime in the UK. Showing up at the same time every week for four months has enabled us to build a community of regulars who trust us to show up for them. The best thing about collaborating with someone like Elliott, who is also motivated by helping good people succeed, is that it takes the pressure off either myself or Elliott to run the show because we all know that life happens and we may end up with family or work obligations that make it impossible to be fully present for the show.

I’m happy to say that The Elliott and Jose Show has attracted high caliber professionals from doctors, to top consultants, international public speakers, agents, writers, actors, actresses and voice over artists who share their talents in a very generous way. We have had a few success stories from the show where participants have gained the confidence to start and grow their own rooms.

Both Elliot and I recognize that though we are experts in our field, we are also there to learn from others who have experiences to share. This exchange of information that flows naturally in our club makes it a place where all feel welcomed, included and valued. If you’re interested in discovering new ways to grow your personal brand, please join us on The Elliott and Jose Show every weekday noontime in the UK. We love seeing new faces and you’ll be sure to be among good company.


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